Reiki & Diabetes

Reiki & Diabetes

Diabetes is a common but serious illness that affects millions of people throughout the world. In fact, according to the W.H.O, approximately 422 million people on the planet were suffering from diabetes in 2014, and the number is increasing every year. A number of treatments exist for diabetes, but the condition continues to cause problems for people everywhere, often worsening over time. Recent research has shown that Reiki may be beneficial to individuals struggling with this condition.

Reiki treatments may help in the following ways:

Reduction of stress:  High stress levels often lead to blood sugar imbalances. Reiki may help to lower stress levels, which could help to lower the client’s blood sugar as well.

Improved sleep:  Poor sleep habits may exacerbate the symptoms of diabetes. Reiki combats this problem by creating a relaxed state thus improving the quality of sleep.

Alleviation of depression:  Reiki may improve the mood of the client and relieve the symptoms of depression. With a better outlook on life, the client is more likely to make healthy decisions and adhere to the doctor’s instructions regarding the management of his or her symptoms. In addition, elevation of the mood may aid the body as it tries to maintain normal blood sugar levels on its own.

Reduced pain sensations:  People with diabetes that has progressed often experience pain related to neuropathy. Reiki treatments may help to reduce pain sensitivity, providing clients with relief from these uncomfortable symptoms.

Reiki is non-invasive and causes virtually no side effects, making it a safe choice for any individual with diabetes.

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